Beyond the Wire partners with a number of organizations and companies that provide invaluable services to the program.

The Highest Standards

Our partner farms are accredited by the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance and operate at the highest standards set forth by the aftercare industry. After horses go through the intake process, they are transitioned from the racetrack to MidAtlantic Horse Rescue, the Foxie G FoundationNew Vocations, Akindale Thoroughbred RescueAfter the Races,TRRAC or Life Horse for retraining, rehabilitation and ultimately, adoption.

It Takes A Village

The Maryland Vet Group, Chesapeake Equine and Racetrack Veterinary Associates have kindly offered their services to Beyond the Wire. Our local track vets believe in the responsible retirement of racehorses as well and we are grateful for the donation of their time and expertise.  After the intake paperwork for a retiring racehorse is completed, our Program Administrator will contact one of these licensed veterinarians to complete a health and medical evaluation. We rely on these evaluations to assist Beyond the Wire in placing the horse with the most suitable program. This process ensures a smooth and successful adoption.

We also depend on shipping companies to transport horses to our partner farms. We currently have Jodi Rauso, Harding Brothers and Brook Ledge Horse Transportation, amongst others, to thank for this service.

The Committed Group of Partners

“There are many people involved in a program like this. Each one of them has a hand in the successful retirements and bright second careers of Maryland racehorses.”

-Jessica Hammond, Program Administrator

Our Partners