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All horses deserve good, safe homes. Occasionally, horses have medical problems or even more rare, behavioral problems, that make it very difficult for them to be adopted. Sometimes, it is in the best interest of the horse to live out their days at one of our Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance accredited facilities. If you love horses, have a connection to one of these particular horses, love racing, are an animal lover or just want to do something that makes you feel good, please consider “sponsoring,” one of these beautiful Thoroughbreds this holiday season. Scroll down to see our horses living as pasture pets. Please include the name of the horse with your PayPal donation at the top of the PayPal page and thank you!

Sponsorship Levels

Hay For A Week | $25

Shoes For A Month | $125

X-Rays For A Check Up | $250

One Month Of Board | $300

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Sponsor Horses

Big Boy Bruno

This 2013 gelding retired from the barn of Kieron Magee, though he never ran for Magee, and owner Moshe Mark. He ran 50 times and had 10 firsts. He has soundness issues caused by arthritis etc. He is living a good life at MidAtlantic Horse Rescue.

Aly's Lion

Aly's Lion retired from the barn of Hugh McMahon was owned by Sola Dei Gloria Stable and Larry Rabold. She ran all 4 races at Laurel Park never once hitting the board. He has difficult behavior and could be ridden by a professional but is unfortunately not professional caliber. We all have our quirks. He is much loved living at Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue.

Another Badge

Another Badge is a 2013 mare that retired from the barn of Linda Albert after running 21 times. This pretty gal developed a serious infection in her hock that she almost died from. Thankfully, her trainer gave her the best of care and nursed her back to health. The infection unfortunately left permanent damage. Another Badge has worked on the ground with veteran's in the Saratoga Warhorse program in the past but lives full time at the Foxie G Foundation as she cannot be ridden.

Not A Chance

Not A Chance is a 2013 gelding that ran 31 times and had earning over $150,000. This nice fella retired from the barn on John Robb for No Guts No Glory Farm and Gene Gould Jr. The good people at MidAtlantic Horse Rescue decided it would be in his best interest if he just lived as a pasture pet and are letting him live his best life.

How's Your Sugar

How's Your Sugar is a 2013 gelding that retired from the barn of Gary Capuano and owners Our Sugar Bear Stable. Unfortunately, early in his retirement, he developed a bad case of navicular disease, which is a hoof ailment, and cannot be ridden. He is being cared for and enjoying life out in a big field with the rest of his herd at Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue.

Telling Warrior

Telling warrior is a very handsome 2014 gelding retired from the barn of Amy Cortez. He ran 9 times, all at Laurel Park. Staff at MidAtlantic Horse Rescue decided it was in his best interest to live a life of leisure.

Come Sundown

Come Sundown is a super good looking 2016 gelding by Great Notion. He only ran twice and won both of those races for trainer Dale Capuono and owner Steven Newby. One of the races was a Stakes race! He is now living comfortably out in a herd at the Foxie G Foundation.

Crypto One

Crypto One had a rough go of it as a riding horse. This 2006 ex-racehorse was living on owner Helen Polinger's farm when the owner unfortunately passed away. Crypto One found herself at the Foxie G Foundation being retrained for a riding career. She was adopted and returned 3 times for bolting under tack. She was evaluated by a vet again who felt that she had issues with her SI joint and should be retired. Now a permanent part of the Foxie G Foundation's mare's herd, she is very happy.

She Be Sassy

She Be Sassy is a 2012 mare by Bullsbay that ran 27 times and only hit the board twice. This pretty lady retired from the barn of the very kind Jenile Tapscott and was owned by James "Skeet" Holland. Sassy is out grazing at Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue.

First To Fire

First to Fire is a 2013 mare by Fresian Fire. She ran 15 times and was first twice, second twice and this once. Former connections got together and bought First to Fire just to retire her. The Foxie G Foundation was happy to step in and take her and she still gets visits from the those that thoughtfully sent her there.


Ginontherim is a 2015 mare that was bred in Maryland but never ran. She was found at an auction where some horses are sent to slaughter, so Beyond the Wire helped bring her to safety. She is living a well-deserved, safe life at the Foxie G Foundation.

Feel Proud

Feel Proud is a lovely horse that we had high hopes for. He is a 2012 gelding that was retired responsibly from the barn of Dorothy Worton for owners, Wasabi Ventures Stables. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with EPM which causes neurological deficits. He is being well cared for at MidAtlantic Horse Rescue.

Wild Poison

Wild Poison is a 2014 gelding that was purchased by a trainer in Maryland sight unseen based on a recommendation from a friend. It was obvious fairly quickly that this fella who hit the board 6 out of 9 starts, was not sound.The trainer thoughtfully retired him right away. He is living at the beautiful Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue where he has received injections to help his soundness issues, but he does not stay sound in any work.

Great French Kiss

Great French Kiss is a 2016 mare retired from the barn of Mike Trombetta by owner Armstrong Stable. She had a short but decent career, running 4 times and getting a first and third place finish. She resides at the caring Foxie G Foundation.

Live Your Life

Live Your Life is a 2015 mare by Cape Blanco that never ran. She is a total sweetheart! She was retired by trainer Scott Lake for Tristar Farm. She now lives in a happy herd at Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue.

Art of Listening

Art of Listening os a 2015 gelding by Artie Schiller. This fella has had an unfortunate ride. He retired from the barn of Brittany Russell for owner Ten Strike Racing. He then went on to compete in the Retired Racehorse Project and looked fantastic. After some time, he was having behavioral problems such as rearing and it was discovered that he had a problem with his spine that was causing discomfort. Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue took him back and made him part of their permanent sanctuary herd. He is comfortable and happy without the weight of a rider.

Indy Breeze

Indy Breeze is a 2010 mare retired from the barn of Kenneth Cox for owners Phantom Star Stable and Mark Gilkey. This hard-knocking gal ran 63 times and had 14 first, 13 seconds and 12 thirds and made over $270,000. This gal is living a great life turned out at the Foxie G Foundation and we are grateful they are caring for her.


Iselle is a 2014 mare retired from the barn of Tim Keefe for owner Emilie Bateman. She only ran 7 times, never won a race and retired sound. Iselle has severe behavioral issues under tack but is fine to handle as a pasture pet. She lives at the Foxie G Foundation where she is safe and happy.

Great Rhythm

Great Rhythm is a 2014 mare by Greatness. She ran 10 times with her last race landing her in Maryland. She was retired by owner/trainer J. Kent Sweezey. The physical demands of riding are not good for her so she is in a sanctuary herd at The Foxie G Foundation.

Love And Care

Love and Care is a royally bred gelding. This boy sold for $400,000 as a yearling and was destined to be a great racehorse. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. He is a sanctuary horse at the Foxie G Foundation and could possibly be used as an equine therapy horse in one of their future projects. He was responsibly retired by Charlie DeMario for owner Hillside Thoroughbreds.


Niffler is a very lightly raced 2016 gelding by Baltimore Bob. He was retired sound by his trainer Marilyn McMullen for owner Robert McGee. Unfortunately, Niffler has problems with his confirmation that lead to him being uncomfortable when ridden. He is retired and enjoying the fields of the Foxie G Foundation.

Who Broke The Bank

Who Broke The Bank is a 2014 gelding by Fesian Fire that was retired by owner/trainer Claudio Gonzalez. He ran 15 times, his last race being the first time he raced in Maryland. He has a lifelong spot at the Foxie G Foudantion where he can eat, socialize and enjoy life.

Zap Cat

Zap Cat is a 2013 gelding by Pioneer of the Nile. Retired by owner Herman Braude after 27 starts, this guy is enjoying his life at the Foxie G Foundation