Retire A Horse

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BTW INTAKE instructions for the intake process:

  1. Horses being retired through Beyond the Wire MUST be in race training in Maryland. If they have run, they must have starts in Maryland. Horses that are currently laid up from racing in MD will be considered. Please read, print and complete the intake form provided on this page for your retiring racehorse…the Program Coordinator can assist with this.
  2. The intake form must be signed by the horse’s owner or trainer. The trainer may sign on behalf of the owner and is acknowledging, as noted on the intake form, that they “have authority to donate the horse.” An “Authorized Agent” form may also be required when a trainer signs on behalf of an owner.
  3. Return completed form, along with foal papers and medical records, to Program Administrator, Jessica Hammond, who will then organize a veterinarian evaluation.
  4. After securing a placement for the retiring horse, our Program Administrator will organize shipping. The applicant is responsible for the care of their horse until placement.
  5. All intact horses must be gelded.
  6. We ask that a donation be given with each horse.